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Some things YOU can do:

Keep it Clean
Cleanliness is truly next to Godliness when it comes to hydraulics. Up to 90% of all hydraulic system failures can be attributed to contaminated oil. Even before breakdown, contaminants in fluid can reduce system efficiency.

Filter Newly Added Fluid
New oil is typically contaminated beyond what most equipment manufacturers recommend. Use a filtered transfer pump.

Filter Changes
Establish and follow a program for cleaning of Reservoir Breathers & Suction Strainers, as well as the replacement of filter elements.

Repair Leaks Immediately
If fluid can leak out, contaminates can find their way in. Take care when opening any part of the system to atmosphere.

Keep the Equipment Clean
Keep the exterior of the equipment clean from dust, dirt, and debris. Buildup will trap heat & ultimately find a way in.

Some things WE can do:

Preventive Maintenance
Baltimore Hydraulics will conduct Preventive Maintenance visits to your equipment on a schedule that meets your needs. Trained Technicians will assess the condition of your system checking pressures, flows, and for signs of possible problems. A report of our findings and recommendations is provided, allowing for repairs or maintenance to be scheduled at your convenience. A fluid contamination “Particle Count” test is also conducted as part of this service.

System Upgrades
Hydraulic systems last long enough to allow new technology to make them obsolete. We’re not saying old is bad, but some innovations can improve the performance and dependability of older units. Also, when replacement parts are no longer available, a newer designed component can often be retrofitted in its place.

Emergency Service
Ultimately things are going to fail, and probably at the worst time. That’s why we are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Troubleshooting and Repair
In spite of our best efforts, components fail. Hopefully we wear them out rather than having them fail before their time. When Murphy strikes, we are always here to put our years of experience & expertise to work for you.