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Baltimore Hydraulics offers Free Pickup & Delivery services for all your hydraulic components.

If your system is down and you have the capability of removing the defective component, we will repair it back to fully operational condition. All repairs are 100% tested and guaranteed for one year.

Cylinder Repairs
Our Cylinder Shop provides you with cost effective, quality repairs to all types of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. All rebuilds are 100% flow, pressure, and operationally tested. Hard parts are machined in-house and seal selections are made to provide the best performance for each application.

Our STANDARD PROCESS guarantees a quality repair every time.

  • Honing: All cylinder bores are honed to remove small nicks and burrs as well as provide the surface finish required for the type of seals being installed.

  • Polishing: All cylinder rods are polished to remove small nicks and burrs and provide a smooth, damage free surface for proper sealing.

  • Tolerances: Once the honing and polishing processes are complete, all parts are measured and checked for proper fit and tolerance.

  • Re-Chroming: Most cylinder rods, and some cylinder bores are chrome plated. If the chromed surfaces of these parts are found to be damaged, the first approach is to repair the affected area if small enough. The next step is to grind and prep the entire surface for re-chroming, and if the damage is severe a new part will be machined from plated material.

  • Bearings: All soft material wear bands and bearings are automatically replaced. Bronze and other soft metal bearings are machined new as normal wear usually leaves these parts out of tolerance.

  • Machining & Welding: Any broken, worn, or defective parts are fabricated new in our Machine & Weld Shops.

  • Assembly: Once all parts are renewed or reconditioned your cylinder is assembled by experienced personnel.

  • Testing: All component repairs are 100% tested at the appropriate pressure & flow.

  • Replacements: If all else fails, we offer a full range of standard and custom cylinders in welded and tie rod designs. These cylinders are available in inch and metric sizes as well as various pressure rages and materials. If it’s a special, we will design and custom build your cylinder to order.
Winch Repairs
Baltimore Hydraulics performs quality repairs on all size winches for multiple markets. Our testing capabilities include pull, brake & live load testing up to 30,000 lbs. and is approved by the U.S. Government’s Quality Assurance department.

Pump & Motor Repairs
Baltimore Hydraulics provides quality repairs on all types of hydraulic pumps, motors, and control components. Most often these components can be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost of new. All repairs are tested 100% up to 10,000 PSI and 150 GPM. Repairs from this department are returned with a detailed Report showing the unit’s performance at varying flows, and pressures.


  • Part Reconditioning: Through surface grinding and lapping many wear surfaces can be brought back into tolerance with regard to flatness and finish.

  • Parts Replacement: Any parts worn beyond specs are automatically replaced with new. All bearings are replaced regardless of their apparent condition.

  • Assembly: Units are assembled with cleanliness in mind and all hardware is torqued to factory specifications.

  • Testing: Every repair made in our facility is tested with test stands designed specifically for the test being performed.

  • NOTE: We now provide service and repairs to Centrifugal pumps!

Control Valve Repairs
Baltimore Hydraulics provides quality repairs and replacements on all types of hydraulic valves, and controls.

Accumulator Rebuilds
Whether bladder or piston type, Baltimore Hydraulics will repair your accumulator to like new condition. Nitrogen gas re-charges can be completed in our shop or in the field.

Tool & Equipment Repairs
Operating in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility allows for large pieces of equipment to be brought in and repaired under roof.

  • Hydraulic power units (electric or engine-driven)
  • Clamshell Buckets
  • Lift Tables
  • Hydraulic Attachments
  • Grease Systems
  • Hydraulics Tools (Jack Hammers, Tampers, etc.)